just saw your post about gap years, for me it was honestly one of the best decisions i've made, felt so much more ready to leave home & you have so much time to go to uni/w/eva you want to do anyway! it's not unusual for people to have a gap year before uni so there's plenty of people your age or older. also in my experience the people i've met that took a gap year were more mature and focused, just make sure if you do have a year out you have plans so you don't get bored! hope this helped :-)
- urmint

Thank you so much, this really helped. I am pretty definite that I want to take one I hope it’s as enjoyable as yours was!



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I am taking a gap year now and I hate it. All of my friends are in school and I have nothing else to focus on, besides my job, but I get pretty lonely. And everyone's just in school or doing school work and I don't have much of anything to do. Now I just feel behind in life in general and like I'm just wasting my time. I personally don't recommend it unless you have plans to fill the time or traveling to do.
- Anonymous

Gaaaah this is my main fear :( I have a couple friends who are taking one but the rest will be going next September. I don’t want to be bored or lonely

Thank you for sharing xx

!!!!!! gap year help pls !!!!!!

I need to apply for unis now but i dont know whether to apply for deferred entry or not?? 

Please reply or message me with thoughts on /experiences of gap years?


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I will pay £10 for every solid piece of advice I receive regarding my personal statement go i believe in u all


Glow x
What universities are you applying to?
- Anonymous

Um Bristol, Birmingham and Leeds, not sure of the other two which isn’t good seeing as I have to hand it in to my college tomorrow!!